Style: How To Dress For Work In Monochrome [Inspo: Hijab Work Style 2018]

How To Dress For Work In Monochrome [Inspo: Hijab Work Style 2018]

Hello lovely ladies. How are you doing today? Well, I know some people aren’t back to work and won’t be back until after the New Year celebration but I thought it would be of a great idea to drop this power boss-lady look here just in time to prepare for the great year ahead. [SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE READING]

hijab work style 2018

hijab office outfit idea

I haven’t done a style post in a while and what is the best way to come back in style with one of my favourite look: Monochrome. I am not a big love of bright colours especially in fall/winter (here). So, I opted for a neutral long sleeve top from Massimo Dutti along with a classic pencil pant style from NewLook. For shoes, I finally got a chance to style my graduation prezzy from the big sis: A pair of breathable heels from Guess. And of course, bag in style with a classic work style handbag from Ailyofficialuk.  [SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE READING]

how to wear hijab to work

hijab corporate outfit

hijab work style, hijab office style, hijab work outfit

This look can work anywhere as you can either layer up with a jacket in a cold weather or take off the jacket in a hot weather.

I don’t know about you but personally, I am loving the whole look. It is easy to re-create, chic and works appropriately in any situation and weather condition. This is also a great look if you need a few hijab work style for 2018.  What do you think? COMMENT DOWN BELOW.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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Blog Tips: Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Monetising Your Blog To Earn Money From Blogging…

Why You Shouldn’t Focus On Monetising Your Blog To Earn Money From Blogging

Lately, I’ve been feeling the pressure of every blogger focusing on monetising and earning money from blogging. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is expensive and it is necessary to have a means to fund and support yourself. However, I think focusing on the important things is necessary.

I am going to be very real and direct with you guys in this post just because I think some NEW bloggers need to hear this, not to be discouraged but to know the reality and keep thriving. Google Adsense is one of the most popular monetising platforms in the blogging industry. It is great to have access to this platform and thousands of people are applying every-day to get approval [Read more about how I got my Google Adsense approval in 48H here].

But, let’s be real, if you aren’t getting sufficient traffic and readers on your blog, it is a waste of effort having Google Adsense after-all. How do you now get traffic on the blog to boost your traffic? Well, this is my point: You need to create value and high-quality contents to attract everything you need including returns (Earn money). A lot of people focus too much on finding ways to monetise their blog. While they should really be focusing on how to create great content that can add value to people and solve solutions.

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Don’t be pressured or let other bloggers journey pressure you. We all have our journey. Blogging isn’t an overnight success, so, patience is a big quality needed in this industry. You need to keep creating and pushing yourself forward. When your contents are great, your blog will automatically attract the right brands that will pay your charge, attract the traffic you need to earn on Google Adsense and attract the reward you really think you deserve. Having lots of ads and links on your blog won’t automatically make your bank account fat overnight but providing quality contents will boost your traffic and attract the right readers which will convert to stats that will attract the right brands who can afford to pay you. Please, stop focusing too much on monetising. I didn’t gain Google Adsense approval until after 2 years of blogging. Not because I didn’t know about it but because my first priority was organically building a relevant platform for my readers. That converted to a great statistic which is paying off now. It really breaks my heart to see some bloggers who only started 6 months ago stressing themselves about monetising. Enjoy the process and journey, the money will eventually come.

This is a short post but I really hope you stop focusing too much on monetising your blog today and turn towards creating unique contents. I hope you are able to get inspired by this post and don’t forget to share with a fellow blogger that might need to read this.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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