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Blogpost Idea’s: 28 Blog Post Ideas For February [Valentine, Lifestyle, Inspiration, Review….]

28 Blog Post Ideas For February

Hello Guys, 

Happy New month to you and hope your January was a productive one. As usual, we have another monthly blog post ideas package to help us all stay on top of our game. February is the month of love and to be honest, TBP team feels like our year is just starting. 

Okay, let’s get straight into it. Here are 28 blog post ideas for February:

  1. Round-up post of your first month in 2018 – “What I’ve been up to so far in 2018..”
  2. Lifestyle: Share you 2018 vision board
  3. Valentine: Your Valentine plan/How you are spending Valentine this year
  4. Vlogging is growing: Share a day in your life vlog
  5. Share your January goals and how you smashed them/What you’ve done so far
  6. Do a Q & A: Monthly Q&A
  7. Beauty: Share a review
  8. Set a monthly challenge and share how you complete it
  9. Inspiration: Share your daily prayer for the new month
  10. Fashion: Do a 1-month lookbook shoot [Thats a lot but you can collaborate with other bloggers]
  11. Share your new blogging routine of the year
  12. Something interesting happened to you recently? Share a story
  13. Read a book? Share your thoughts
  14. Share your favourite Instagrammers
  15. Collaborate with fellow bloggers and share your life management tips
  16. Organise a hangout with few local bloggers: Share pictures from your hangout
  17. Share your gym routine/exercise
  18. Share your favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner recipe
  19. Monthly wish-list
  20. Monthly haul and shopping tips
  21. Publish a guest post
  22. A list of the top inspiring blogs you visited/read in January
  23. Share your everyday routine
  24. Your beauty/grooming routine
  25. Share your New year budgeting idea’s
  26. Share your diet/healthy recipes
  27. Host a guest post on your blog
  28. Finally, why not return the love and share list of your favourite posts on TBP website/Why other bloggers need to know about TBP


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I am Maryam Salam, also known as Fashionbydaisy. I am a content creator and blogger. I am interested in fashion styling, branding and marketing. You can check out my personal blog at and Instagram at @fashionbydaisy

11 thoughts on “Blogpost Idea’s: 28 Blog Post Ideas For February [Valentine, Lifestyle, Inspiration, Review….]

  1. This is awesome. Funny enough I was going to challenge myself this month and when I saw no.8 on the list I couldn’t be more surprised. My challenge this month is #28daysnomakeupchallenge. So help me God to stick to it. I hope you’ll be interested in joining me in this challenge and share your experience afterwards.
    Great Post! 👍


  2. No.8 is for me! I’ve been planning to go on a cleanse, maybe I should just do it already so I can share the journey with my readers! Thanks for the blog post ideas!


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