5 Ways To Promote Your Business For Less Than N20,000 [On Popular Platforms Such As….]

5 Ways To Promote Your Business For Less Than N20,000

No matter how great your business is, you still need a promotional plan and put the word out there yourself. You can’t rely on others to do it for you. And in no time should you blame friends or family for not promoting your business, remember, it is your business.

Many start-ups make the mistake of having everything planned out except promotion. Yes, you might not have a big budget to promote your business but it is achievable with a little amount and great strategic plan. Here are 5 ways to promote your business for less / for as low as N20,000 on big platforms as entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Some promotional routine demands more consistency than the other. So, let’s get straight into it:

  • USE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS (FREE/LOW-COST – CONSISTENCY): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Podcast, Pinterest etc are free platforms to kick-start your business promotion. Not only this spread your business to your close friends and family for free but running cheap advertising on these platforms can easily boost your brand awareness and bring you great returns.


  • INCLUDE YOUR BUSINESS DETAILS IN ALL EMAILS  (FREE – USE AS YOUR EMAIL SIGNATURE): We all send emails every-day either to potential business partners, families or friends. Why not include your business website link, social media handles and brief intro in your email signature section which automatically go along with every email sent out? It’s free and easy to set up. Once you have it there, you don’t have to worry about it anymore only when you need to update details.

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  • EMAIL MARKETING (LOW FEE): Email marketing is finding back it spark and smart businesses are beginning to take advantage of that. The great thing about email marketing is the easy process. If you are just starting off and don’t have a long list of emails to contact, get in touch with other big platforms tailored to your target audience to do “Newsletter/Email marketing” which normally comes with an affordable fee. Here at Thebloggerpoint, we offer great deals on email marketing for as low as N10,000. Just click here to discuss more about your promotional plan with our marketing team.

  • SPONSORED POST/BLOGGING ARTICLE (LOW FEE): Many people overlook this or believe paying a blogger a fee to write about their business is a waste. Don’t make that mistake and if you are one of those, stop it today. Investing in a sponsored post is not only an inexpensive promotional method but also a great way to spread your business to their interesting audience and get a feedback if necessary. You might not be able to afford to pay Linda Ikeji now but approach small bloggers to negotiate a great deal with them. Bloggers have a personal relationship with their readers and they are most trusted. Word-of-mouth and recommendation are still and will forever be a great means of promotion. This is a business and please as business owners, let us respect bloggers/influencers by not asking them for free promotion. Moreover, you want a great job done, so paying for promotion will give you the right to challenge anyone if they didn’t deliver as promised. Our content team offer sponsored post for small businesses, all you have to do is click here to discuss further. I promise you, it is very affordable and effective.


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  • LEVERAGE MARKETPLACES (LOW FEE/AFFORDABLE SUBSCRIPTION): There are hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs signing up to marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon every-day because it has continuously proven a success. Promoting your business on your platforms such as website and social media can surely bring you customers but why not expand your brand awareness and sales through marketplaces? Thebloggerpoint just launched “TBP Marketplace” mainly targeted SME’s and we can’t wait to start promoting your brand on there. Want to know more about the benefits you can get for joining “TBP Marketplace”? Click here now!

Thank you for reading.

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I am Maryam Salam, also known as Fashionbydaisy. I am a content creator and blogger. I am interested in fashion styling, branding and marketing. You can check out my personal blog at www.fashionbydaisy.com and Instagram at @fashionbydaisy

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